Is That Shampoo Bottle Empty?

prellMore than once I’ve noticed an “empty” shampoo bottle that someone in my house (not I) threw in the trash  … and upon closer examination I see that it had enough shampoo left in it for at least one more use.  That put an idea into my head.  Now, whenever my shampoo or body wash bottle seems empty, I add a bit of warm water (a spoonful or two) and shake well.  The sudsy mixture that results is ready to use.  Often I can do the same thing a second or third time.  I don’t know how many shampoos I get from one bottle of shampoo, but getting another 2 or 3 uses is saving some money.  So, maybe my shampoo bottle gave me 3% more hair washing.  Well, a few percent here, a few percent there— it all adds up.  The same procedure works for liquid laundry detergent.  (Related: Once I found myself at the laundromat with a lot of dirty clothes and no laundry detergent because I had left it at home.  I noticed that the recycling bin was full of “empty” detergent containers.  Using the same method of adding a bit of water to the “empty” containers, I washed all my clothes with detergent that had been thrown away.)


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