Use the Toilet at Work

40_hoursYou go to the toilet for a #2 once a day anyway, so if you’re at work … why not go while you’re there?  You might as well get paid to bomb the bowl.  While you’re at work, your employer is paying for the toilet paper and water.  That saves you money.

Seriously, I had a friend who lived alone and kept a careful budget: He noticed an unmistakable reduction in toilet-paper expenses during periods when he was employed compared to when he was unemployed.

Let’s so the math:

10 minutes each day × 5 days per week × 49 weeks per year = 2,450 minutes.

2,450 minutes ÷ 60 minutes per hour = 40.8 hours.

Don’t forget to take a something to read.  Maybe “The Richest Man in Babylon“.  (Pro tip: Whatever you’re at work, carry personal papers in a file folder or large envelope.  Looks much better.)


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