$30 For Carrying a Box to Work

mottsI like a snack after lunch.  Snacks from the vending machines cost between $1 and $2 each.  So this past weekend at Costco I bought a box of 36 snack-sized packs of applesauce.  The box weighed about 9 pounds and cost about $10.  I think it was on sale, so, thanks to that I’ll save a bit more than I otherwise would have.  I can substitute a serving of applesauce for whatever I might buy from the vending machine.   At one snack per day, 36 snacks from the vending machine would cost $45 over the course of about seven weeks  With my applesauce, I can snack for about $10 over that period.  Thus, a savings of over $30.

I’ve done the same thing the large bags of dried apricots, figs, prunes, and Craisins.  I could also do the same with a box of single-serving bags of potato chips or microwave popcorn.  The principle is the same: instead of paying the guy that stocks the vending machine to bring snacks to your workplace, bring the snacks yourself and pocket the delivery fee. Thing about the delivery fee:  A large part of retail prices, especially for food in serving-size packages, is the cost of convenience: the cost of delivery and stocking in convenience stores and vending machines.  Do the inconvenient thing, get these food items from a superstore and do the delivery yourself.  Your bank account will thank you.

* I’ll save, or I’ll or earn, depending how you look at it; a penny saved is a penny earned. In a sense, I’ve earned that $30 by doing the delivery and stocking work myself.


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