Cut Your Hair Yourself

bakerRussell Baker cuts his own hair (and if you think a man who cuts his own hair couldn’t look good enough to be seen in public, he hosted Masterpiece Theater for 12 years).  I read Mr Baker’s column about cutting his own hair many years ago, and thought, if Russell Baker can do it, I can do it too, though I only started cutting my own hair years after I read about Mr Baker’s auto-tonsorial accomplishments.

This advice might make sense only for men.  Not being a woman, I don’t know how easily women can cut their own hair, unless they are happy with a regular haircut.  But speaking as a man, I can say it’s pretty easy to give myself a basic haircut.  I use a Wahl haircutting set that I bought at a local department store and includes an electric clippers and the usual #1 through #8 guide combs.  It came with a plastic case, which is very handy for storage between uses.  If I want short hair, which I like during the summer, I use the #1 on the back and sides, #2 on the top, and #3 on the front.  If I want longer hair, I use the #6, #7, and #8.  It takes some practice to learn to cut your own hair, just like any other skill.  And, like anything else, there are videos on Youtube that provide helpful hints and tips.  Here’s one:

My 2¢: When I do the back of my neck, I stand between two parallel mirrors (one on the medicine cabinet and one on the bathroom door) arranged so I can see the back of my own neck (not to mention, infinity).  I carefully place the edge of the clippers at the hairline and then move it down — not up!

wahlA set of clippers and everything else you need costs maybe $30 to $40  Let’s assume a haircut costs at least $15, plus a tip, and maybe some gas and wear-and-tear on a car.  Suppose you normally get a haircut every 2 months.  If you buy a clippers set and start doing it yourself, then after a year, you will save $60. (The first two uses pay for the clippers, the rest is your earnings for employing yourself to cut your hair.)  The second year, you get $90.  If you get haircuts more often or pay more for them, then you’ll save more.  So why not give yourself the job of cutting your hair?  And don’t forget to tip yourself!

Cutting your hair yourself at home not only saves money, it also saves time.  You don’t need to transport your hair to the barber shop (hair salon, whatever).  You don’t have to sit and wait your turn.  You can cut your own hair anytime you want, like late at night when the shops are closed.  Less expensive and more convenient.  Why not?


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