Use Spray Bottles for Dishwashing Liquid

capDid you ever notice that it’s not easy to get just a small amount of dishwashing liquid from the bottle it’s sold in?  Dishwashing liquid generally comes in bottles with spouts in the bottle caps.  If you want to squeeze out enough to make a sink full of suds and wash a lot of dishes, fine.  But it’s quite difficult to squeeze out only a small amount, like you might need for washing just a plate and a glass.  Maybe the makers of dish detergent are aware of this?  Would they have any reason to make it likely that you’ll use more of their product than needed?

sprayerOne way to easily get just the amount you need for small jobs is to use a bottle with a trigger sprayer (e.g., an empty Windex bottle.)  Depending what kind of bottle you have, you might be able to take the spray top off the bottle it came with and use it to replace the original dishwashing liquid bottle cap — or you may need to transfer the liquid into the spray bottle.  Either way, you’ll be able to use the spray trigger to get just the right amount for any job, small or large.  One additional tip:  you may need to dilute the dishwashing liquid with some water to make it spray more easily.  Try it, and see how little dishwashing liquid you need to make those dishes sparkle and shine!


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