Drink Juice Made From Frozen Concentrate

orange_juice_concentrateA juice-drinking habit is much more affordable if you buy concentrate.  Much of the cost of foods and beverages is transportation.  If the folks at the juice factory remove the water, and you put the water back in (instead of paying for the water to be transported from wherever the juice was made to wherever you buy it), you can save some money.

I occasionally buy the “not from concentrate” juice, when it’s on sale, and keep the plastic bottles to re-fill with juice I make from concentrate.  What the kids don’t know won’t hurt ’em.

One drawback of buying frozen juice concentrate is that there may not be as many varieties of frozen.  Things like high pulp, low calorie, calcium enriched, etc.  That’s why I’m asking you to consider frozen.  If more frozen concentrate is sold, may be manufacturers will make more varieties.

And, btw, “not from concentrate” doesn’t necessarily mean “fresh” — there are other ways of storing and reconstituting orange juice besides removing the water and freezing the concentrated juice.

Final thought: Orange juice without pulp is an abomination.  The pulp is part of the fruit.  It’s good for you.  Anyone drinking pulp-free orange juice might just as well be drinking Tang or Kool-Aid.  I think it’s awful that manufacturers market pulp-free juice as  “kids” orange juice.  Some kids who would otherwise be fine with normal orange juice now think that they’re supposed to not like it.


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