Don’t Buy Something You Already Have

cast_iron_waffle_makerAssuming you already have a stove …why would you buy an electric waffle maker?  Most of the cost of an electric waffle maker is the electrical parts, the parts that allow it to get hot and remain at the correct temperature.  But if you’ve already got a stove that gets hot, why do you need that capability in a waffle maker?  Do you need an electric water boiler?  Do you need an electric bacon fryer?  Do you need an electric egg cooker?  If you do those things on the stove, why can’t you make a waffle on the stove?

Buy a cast-iron waffle maker and let the stove do the heating.  You can even buy 2 or 3 if you would like to make more than one waffle simultaneously.  The cast-iron variety doesn’t light up or ring a bell when it gets to the right temperature or when your waffle is done, but you can learn how to tell when a waffle is done, don’t you think?  And a cast-iron waffle maker is easier to clean, takes up less space, will last longer … and costs less.  Also consider a stainless steel stove-top popcorn popper.


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