I Like Plugable Keyboards

wired_keyboardI don’t believe the “disadvantages” of plugging a keyboard into the back of the computer and seeing the cord on the desktop (the real desktop, not the computer screen) are so bad that it’s worth paying $20 more to get a wireless keyboard.

The wireless keyboard is an even worse deal when you consider that it has the disadvantages of

  • needing batteries that will have to be replaced and disposed of and could die in the middle of the night when getting replacement batteries is inconvenient,
  • being sometimes slow to respond, having a slight delay between pushing a key on the keyboard and seeing a letter appear on the screen, especially for very fast typists (this is something I’ve read in online reviews),
  • using radio signals that might be susceptible to interception by a wireless keylogger. (see “Hackers Can Spy on Wireless Keyboards From Hundreds of Feet Away“)

I use my computer while I sit at a desk.  How far away do I need to be?  It’s a keyboard, not a phone!


Many months after writing this, I obtained a new in-the-box wireless keyboard for free.  I installed the software, connected the receiver to my computer’s USB port, turned on the keyboard … and the software declared it “paired”.  Then, nothing.  I typed, but never got anything to appear on the screen.  I re-did everything.  Tried a different USB slot.  Restarted the computer.  Tried another set of batteries.  Then I did all of the above again on another computer.  I was never able to type a single character on the wireless keyboard.  There’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.  Never again.


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