Keep Dress Shoes at the Office

Many years ago I purchased a pair of men’s oxfords, which I guess are the standard shoe to wear in a professional office.  At the time, it was a fairly major purchase for me, but I got lucky and found a particular style that was being discontinued by the manufacturer and was on sale on Amazon for 50% off.  And, as a bonus for applying for and being approved for an Amazon credit card, I got an additional $30 discount.  So the shoes only cost me rockport_oxfordabout $15 or $20.  Knowing that replacing them would cost at least $100, I wanted to take good care of them.  So I decided I would keep them at the office under my desk.  One day, it must have been over 10 years ago, I wore a pair of men’s moccasins to work, carrying my new oxfords in a bag.

I have kept those oxfords at work ever since, wearing them at least a couple days a week — and they have never been outdoors.  Their soles have never touched anything other than carpet and tile.  They’ve never been exposed to dirt, dust, rain, snow, or mud.  I wear my mocs on the commute, going thru a pair about every year, and change into my oxfords at work, although some days I wear my mocs all day.  When I do change shoes at work, it’s always very pleasant to get out of the mocs I wore on the commute and into the cool, dry oxfords that have been waiting overnight.  Then, at the end of the day, the mocs are rested and nice to put on when I take off the oxfords and place them back into their under-desk home.

I even bought some shoe polish to keep in my desk and I use it to give my oxfords a fresh shine once or twice a year.

It now looks possible that these oxfords will last until I retire.  One pair of dress shoes, 25 years.  I reckon that’s saved me several hundred dollars, compared with the alternative of wearing my good dress shoes on my back-and-forth commute every work day.


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