Why Read This Blog?

I can think of three reasons.

First, and not the most important:  You might learn something, some specific little tip or trick, that might save you money.  Just maybe, there might be something here that is directly applicable to your life and your circumstances.

Second, and more important:  You might change your way of thinking about spending and saving money.  That might allow you to come up with your own ways of using your limited resources (e.g., money, time) more efficiently.  That’s what it’s really about: using what you’ve got more efficiently, doing more with less, so you can save more.

Third, and most important:  Personal finance blogs, books, radio shows, and the like can inspire you.  There’s an old saying, one version of which goes like this:

Your thoughts become your words;
Your words become your actions;
Your actions become your habits;
Your habits become your character;
Your character becomes your destiny.

Another version is:

The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character.

Start with the first part:  Your thoughts.  You can exercise a great deal of control over your thoughts.  One way is by controlling what you put into your mind.  Go to your library or bookstore and get some books and magazines about personal finance, money management, saving, and investing.  Read blogs, listen to radio programs, and watch videos about these topics.  Do this and your thoughts will turn to those subjects.  You will be inspired.

The book I always recommend is The Richest Man in Babylon.


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