Treating a Sprained Ankle

If you think you have a serious health problem, you need to see a doctor.  Don’t rely on the internet to treat serious medical conditions.

ankleThat said, I was suffering, but not from a serious medical condition.  A couple years ago, while walking in my own back yard, I slipped on some damp grass and sprained my ankle.  (What is it that’s often said about accidents happening close to home?)  The pain was so bad that I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get back into the house.  I spent most of the next few days on the couch, alternating between applying ice packs and a heating pad to the injured foot.  Within a few days I was able to walk, albeit with quite a bit of pain.

The pain slowly subsided over the course of a few weeks.  But several months later there was still notable pain.  Not severe, not debilitating, but still bothersome.  The ankle just didn’t seem to be getting 100% better.  I waited a few months more, but still the pain hadn’t gone away.

Finally (sometimes, I’m just slow), it dawned on me to search the internet.  I had a vague idea that a physical therapist would do me some good, but I didn’t want to take the time to actually go see a physical therapist.  I just wanted to know what a physical therapist would be likely to tell me.

Of course, within seconds of typing a few keywords (and what is a “keyword” anyway? why don’t I just write that I typed “words”) into my favorite search engine I found a blog written by a physical therapist that discussed what kind of exercises he usually prescribed for patients who complained of persistent pain from a sprained ankle.  There were also helpful videos on youtube.  Basically, it was standing one one leg, standing on tiptoes, and leaning and pushing against a wall from a distance of an arm’s length or more.  Also, while seated, stretching the heel, pointing the toe, and lifting the outer and inner sides of the foot.

I started doing the exercises a few times each day, and after a few weeks, hallelujah! I’m healed!  The pain was reduced to almost nothing.  The exercises were just the right thing.  The internet to the rescue!


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