Missed My Chance For a Free Mirror

door_mirrorFor quite a while I’ve wanted a mirror for the bathroom door.  I want a real mirror, one made of glass.  Not one of the cheap glassless mirrors that are sold at discount stores.  But real glass mirrors are expensive, so I’ve had my eyes open.  One afternoon, as I was driving through a residential neighborhood, I saw a pile of things on the curb that looked like they were garbage from a bathroom remodeling job.  And there was a large glass mirror!  It looked like just what I was wanting — and the price was right: free!  It was a beveled mirror without any frame that could have been easily mounted on a door.  I got out of the car to look at it and soon saw that one edge had a small chip missing, which created some sharp edges.  So, it was no good.  (Or so I thought.)  I left it on the trash pile.

Later, as I got to thinking about it, I realized that the mirror would have been usable if it were possible to cut an inch or so off the edge with the chip.  That would result in a mirror with 3 beveled edges and one flat edge.  That would be okay, though.  I could mount the mirror with the nice beveled edges on the top and sides and the flat edge on the bottom where it would be less noticeable.  Question was: would I have to take the mirror to a professional glass cutter? or could I do it myself?

A few minutes on youtube and I had the answer.  Several videos showed that DIY glass cutting jobs are easy with a few simple and inexpensive tools.  For the cost of a gass cutting tool (which is far less than the cost of a mirror), I could have a nice mirror for my bathroom door — and I’d have a new tool that I might be able to use sometime in future.

Live and learn.

I’m still looking for a mirror.


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