I Made A Mistake

amazon_store_cardA personal finance mea culpa:  During the recent holiday season I forgot to pay the balance on my Amazon credit card.  It was a store card, good only for purchases on Amazon.  I had paid the balance in full every month for over 3 years.  This one time I was about 10 days late, and wham — a $35 fee!  I called Amazon and cancelled the card, thinking they might wonder why I was cancelling and perhaps offer to refund the fee, but that didn’t happen.  So, just as an exercise in self-discipline, I’ll have no Amazon store card for at least a long while.  I’ve already purchased a couple things and charged them to my current I’m-only-in-in-for-the-bonus credit card.  Maybe Amazon will notice and they’ll make me an offer.  The $35 fee, the only fee I ever paid on this account, isn’t too bad.  I bought a couple computers when I first got the card, and Amazon allowed me 6 months to pay with no interest charges.  That might have been worth around $35. Still, my mistake means $35 is gone forever.

Update: A couple months ago, Amazon offered me a free trial Prime membership.  First one month free, and then when I started to cancel, another month free.  During this free trail, they offered me an Amazon Prime credit card with a $50 bonus.  Bingo.  I took the card, used it once, then put it away.  I’ll cancel the Prime membership before I have to pay for it.


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