Listening to Dave Ramsey

If I took the time to think about it, I’m pretty sure I could find some things, especially things outside of personal finance, that Dave Ramsey and I don’t agree on.  In a few cases, I’ll say his financial advice isn’t good or at least it’s not good for me (which, I’ll admit, means it might be good for some people).  On the need for an emergency savings fund, he’s completely correct.  On the snowball method of paying off debt, … it depends.  I think his radio show often contains too much kitsch and silliness and not enough detail about financial topics that are sometimes complicated.  Kitsch and silliness are good for ratings, I guess.

dave_ramseyBut, I must say, there have been many times when I’ve been at work, knowing full well that snacks and cold beverages are readily available from vending machines and fast-food restaurants that are just minutes away from my desk.  But I have made myself the promise to eat and drink only things I have brought from home.  So I get me a bit of Dave Ramsey: either by going to his website, clicking the button to listen to his radio show or I look at one of his videos on youtube.  And quick as that I’ve got an immediate boost to my willpower.  When I leave work and head home towards a delicious home-cooked meal, I think, Thanks, Dave Ramsey.


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